Mission Statement and Vision

fachadas-5Mission Statement

Konrad Lorenz University was founded on November 4th 1981. It is a private nonprofit higher education institution, administrative and academically autonomous, dedicated to teaching, pursuit, preservation and dissemination of cultural and scientific knowledge.

The university is open to the main thinking trends and world knowledge and is interested in developing and promoting research to find the truth and with the aim of finding valid ways and procedures to contribute to solve some of our countries problems.

The institution bases its formal organization and its daily activities on tolerance and respect for people’s dignity, people’s rights and a set of values that make co-existence and civilized communication possible.


Konrad Lorenz University will become a high quality higher education institution because of its scientific and technological training and also the ethics involved in its undergraduate and graduate programs; because of its commitment to research activities and knowledge given; because of the relevancy of its academic programs, contributing to context change, society’s progress and problem solving; because of the inter institutional bonds that help its academic and administrative management ; because of its total identification to its mission statement, vision and corporate values; due to its strong administrative ,technical and financial condition and for being a university that guide its development synergy to excellence ,efficiency and meeting its aims and therefore accredited.

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